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At KIMEX Infrasolutions, our mission is to provide comprehensive support throughout the entire construction process. We specialize in defining construction methods, specifying unique equipment requirements, collaborating with international partners, overseeing the coordination from design to equipment delivery, managing manufacturing and logistics, offering on-site assembly assistance, and providing personnel training. Our commitment extends to the design and sizing of specialized equipment tailored to your project needs.

Our Missions

  • Construction methods
  • Definition of specific equipment
  • Consultation with international partners
  • Coordination from design to equipment delivery
  • Monitoring of manufacturing and logistics
  • Assistance with on-site assembly and personnel training
  • Design and sizing of equipment

Our Support

  • Understanding your needs
  • Speaking a common language of construction operations
  • Identifying optimizations to propose suitable methods
  • Advising and accompanying from cost estimation to execution


Our Values

  • Commitment
  • Transparency
  • Trust
  • Listening


Expertise: Benefit from a decade of Grégoire Geiler’s hands-on experience in civil engineering, offering diverse knowledge in construction methods, equipment, and global collaborations.

End-to-End Support: Enjoy seamless project support from conception to execution, including unique equipment specification, international coordination, logistics oversight, and on-site assistance.

Innovation: Choose us for innovative solutions demonstrated by Grégoire’s contributions to landmark projects, showcasing a commitment to pushing construction boundaries.

Global Perspective: With a focus on Latin American opportunities, we provide a global outlook, leveraging international partnerships and adapting to diverse construction environments.

Founder’s Vision: Align with Grégoire Geiler’s vision of excellence, commitment, and client success, driving Kimex Infrasolutions’ dedication to the construction industry.

Core Values: Differentiated by commitment, transparency, trust, and active listening, our core values ensure a collaborative and trustworthy relationship throughout your project.

In summary, Kimex Infrasolutions is your ideal choice for a construction partner that brings expertise, innovation, global perspective, and unwavering commitment to the success of your projects. Choose us for a journey marked by excellence, reliability, and a shared vision for construction industry advancement.

Projects in which we have participated

At Kimex SAS, our journey is marked by a rich tapestry of projects that encapsulate the essence of our commitment and expertise. Each endeavor has been a thrilling voyage, where we’ve not only crossed geographical borders but also forged meaningful connections within the realms of engineering and innovation.




Grégoire GEILER is an experienced consultant in the field of civil engineering and public works. With a career spanning over a decade, Grégoire has acquired diverse expertise, ranging from managing complex projects to designing innovative tools for the construction industry.

His professional journey began as an intern in Mechanical and Production Engineering, where he worked on large-scale projects, including the design of tools for the installation of prefabricated components for buildings weighing several tons. This experience led him to further his learning as a civil works engineer, holding various key positions on nationally and internationally renowned construction sites.

Among his notable achievements is his contribution to the wood-metal mixed structure of the Nice stadium, his involvement in cost estimation studies, and complex civil engineering projects, as well as his innovative pre-study for the cable-stayed bridge of the Panama Canal. Grégoire also played a crucial role in establishing a team dedicated to the design and manufacturing of specific equipment for special construction sites in France.

Fascinated by opportunities in Latin America, Grégoire collaborated with international companies to develop unique solutions for the construction industry, including mobile crews for cantilever bridges and tunnel formwork. Building on this enriching experience, he decided to establish Kimex Infrasolutions, a company dedicated to assisting clients in their projects, from conception to realization, leveraging his diverse expertise and know-how.

But what I love… Connecting multiple groups speaking different languages to work together towards a common success.”
Gregoire Geiler


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